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Re: New World Order

100,000 vs. 1,473,900 (with 1,458,500 in reserve) (including all branches). That's a pretty small section of the military.
i disagree, i think that is a large portion of the millitary and would be nothing like a small special ops group.

America's GDP is $14.43 trillion (source: CIA World Factbook). That's pretty fucking high. GDP isn't, however, how much physical money we have. It's how much money is produced.
gdp is the final value of all goods produced within the nations borders, but what if we went into debt to acquire tons of materials which were used to produce those good, majority of the goods were consumed by us since we are a consumption based country. so that would mean we went into debt to produce alot of good for our own consumption leaving us with nothing to pay back.

Want to know about a recession or depression before 1913? Okay. The South following the Civil War. Yes, that's a recession/depression
agricutural part of the south was important to the economy, no slaves equals economic troubles.

Also, the reason there haven't been any astounding depressions or recessions in pre-Industrial America is that America's economy was still developing and the American Spirit was in full swing. Not that there wasn't the Fed. Plus, the leaders of the Fed meet certain requirements. I don't know what they are, but I definitely don't trust your estimation of them.
the fed setting interest rates too low, printing alot of money, these things effect the econonomy, the market decided the rates before the fed and that is why there werent any severe economic problems like there has been since the fed has come into play.

Back then it was perfectly alright to do that. Hell, it was expected. That's real capitalism, none of this play nice bullshit. Competition is tough, but it breeds excellence and strong brands.
in the end rockefeller triumphed over his competitors by marketing products of high quality at the lowest unit cost. but he employed other, less savory methods as well. he threatend rivals and bribed politicians. he employed spies to harass customers of competing refiners. above all he extorted railroad rebates that lowered his transportation cost and undercut competitors. by 1879 he controlld 90 percent of the countrys entire oil refiniing capacity
this was not alright back then and is not alright now.
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