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Re: New World Order

miburo you are calling me a retard and saying you understand but obviously you are not understanding, i dont understand why you cant comprehend what im saying.

the thing is your arguement doesnt have anything to do with what im saying, you say are debt is lower than our gdp, do you know what gdp is?? gdp is the final value of all goods produced in the nations borders, you know why all that debt years ago wasnt a problem?? because we used it for production, factories etc, so we were able to pay it back, this time around all that debt we accumulated was for consumption, we borrowed money for consuming products, obviously when a ton of people borrow money and are willing to buy more products the producers are going to make more increasing gdp, do you think its coincidence right now that we have an extremely high gdp and an extremely high debt?? no this again is because we borrowed money to consume which allowed for producers to expand and make more products resulting in a high gdp.

problem is we have a huge trade defecit for the 100th time, we consume way more than we produce, the defecit is in the billions a month, so if we continue to live like this and fincance a war and other government programs that costs trillions we cant pay the debt back, its not possible.

lonelyninja- i agree, government gets more money when we consume alot, this is why gdp is so high, we borrow a ton of money to consume, producers make more products because we have all this money to consume that we borrowed, gdp goes up, than the governement gets income tax and all other taxes from the new jobs and business created to service this new money borrowed, which they go ahead and spend increasing gdp. problem is government has no money, all their money comes from us, all their programs have lost trillions, the war cost trillions, government spending is huggggge.

trust me im not for socialism, i want capitalism.

the fed cant predict the market, they cant just adjust interest rates and get it right, the market could do a much better job determining the interest rates.
why do you think we had the housing bubble, the interest rates were too low, creating all this cheap money that was borrowed for investment in realestate. it was not the market dictating where the money would go it was the fed, also the lenders were to blame for there aritficially low lending standards.

and on rockefellar, i say those things he did he should have been arrested for, they are not alright.

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