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Re: Such thing as Luck?

Originally Posted by orvell0072006 View Post
there is some saying " the good player is always lucky " I had won in a competition(chess & karate tournament) many times since I was in highschool till in college,because im lucky.You know why i believe in luck, during my competition,there are times that im losing but my opponent suddenly got mistake or disqualified so I won.Until now,I got a job,I couldnt expect that I was hired coz we are 100 applicant in the company & only 5 will be hired,honestly I am just an average joe,its just happend that the HR manager who interview me (final interview) is my X girlfriend.Thus I'm just a lucky bastard afterall

so your saying that with these little positive affairs your lucky? hardly the aspect in your tournaments having said that you won by having your other opponent being disqualified or making a mistake you think your lucky? that's probably on the opponent for not paying attention to what he or she was doing in the first place to therefore make you win and if that hr manager is your girlfriend then your not really lucky what made you stay was kissing ass to your women probably to keep your job

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