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Re: New World Order

pretty sad when someone thinks they are tooling someone and they dont even realize they dont know anything about what they are discussing.

the trade defecit is from importing far more than exporting, i have said this already, but the reason we import more than we export is because we consume more than we produce which i have also already said.

you said we are the largest manufacturer in the world, to be honest i dont think that graph is credible i would double check that, i seem to see alot of things say made in china and other countries. the guy teaches in flint michigan also, thats great, lets go tropics.

if you understood what we were talking about you wouldnt have bothered posting that graph because it has no relation to what we are talking about. if you understood what we were talking about you wouldnt be saying we are the richest country in the world.

lets assume that the graph is correct, we manufacture more than any other country, does that change any of the problems im stating. we still consume more than we produce right? we both now agree on that, we still have those trade defecits of billions?? we still borrowed tons of money inorder to consume?? we still have the government spending trillions?? we still have the problem of not being able to pay the debt back even with us being the largest manufacture in the world if thats indeed true.
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