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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by zer0systm View Post
I know all about Borat, I used to watch the Ali G show years ago before the Borat movie, the Ali G movie even, now i can't be fucked with him because everyone feels the need to talk like him and quote him, when half the shit in his movie was just mimiced from shit he did on the Ali G show.

But given your broken English I assumed it was actually a fuck up made by you instead of doing a Borat quote
I used to watch da ali g too,And yes i agree with you that the movie was over rated for the very same reasons you mentioned (taking in consideration the naked wrestling scene). But Borat is awesome and no body can change that.


Originally Posted by OG View Post
also i know who sacha is, doesnt mean he not ugly <.<
ok i seriously don't know who or what are you talking about here,OG.

EDIT2: Oh..the guy who played Borat named sacha? Lol i never thought of looking up his real name. But the lulziest thing i heard about him is he was accused of being antisemitic while He is actually a Jew.

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