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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

My lawyer mentor is an awesome dude and a kick ass attorney who handled many heavy cases and not once did i witnessed him fail in one,and his only 27.

So today i was in court with him and all of a sudden he said "yo take this case's file,go get that dude outta here!" and i was like "Wtf!?lol!" (all year 2 law school students and above have the right to officially handle 2nd degree civil trials/cases and less) ..

Him: "common it's a creditless checks case!"

Me: "yeah which means from 2 to 7 years if something went wrong!"

Him: "I wouldn't hand you the case if it was out of your league,you can do this pretty much in 10 mins!. All you have to do is to free your mind and focus!"

Me: "But i don't think i have enough EXP to go through this,it's only been 3 month since..!"


Me: "But...!"


So he gave me his cloak (As a lawyer you can't stand infront of a judge without the black cloak,You'll be imprisoned if you did) and i went in there,I didn't mind actually going through a trial alone but i hate it when shit comes out of the blue..if he handed me the case file a few days before the trial then i'd be going to the court preparing to KICK ASS,besides i want to be one of those defense attorneys who haven't lost a case in there lives so i knew if i fucked this up it's gonna frustrate me.

I sat there reading the case file including the police report until the judge arrived.The other Lawyer who was defending the dude who sued my dude wasn't a student newbie like me,he was an official defense attorney and tbh he did i quite good job (Taking in consideration that he was in a much more powerful case position than me),I was listening to the lawyer's defense with half a brain..the other half was looking through the file over and over and trying to figure out the best way to start my defense that's when i saw it.

A retarded mistake in the police report,It was suppose to be a 3 days worth of investigations and recording,according to the paper cliped in the report and signed by the sherif,Yet there was no gaps in the time record,I mean gee i found papers in the report that are fully written (by hand) with the time deference of 1 MINUTE,It means either that the guy who wrote this report have a super human writing speed or the whole thing have been fabricated (any mistake in the police report blows the whole case from it's base because it means injustice toward the culprit).

I told this to the judge in my own defense along with other mistakes i found in the report and he literally lold,He didn't even go to the back room to make a decision about his judgment.."Investigation corruption,NOT GUILTY*HAMMER*,next.."

When i came out to the court's main hall i shouted "FUCK YEAH,JUSTICE!" but no body seemed to hear me since it was already crowded and very noisy. I then went home after my lawyer friend bought me launch (Huge ass bucket of KFC) and told me that i have a bright future awating me.

tl;dfr : I went to the court,won my 1st case then got a KFC bucket.

@series talk: The same thing happened with mibs happened to me in 24,watched a few mins,thought it sucks,now i don't.

I have Dexter on my watching list,My recently favorite series is Boston legal.

EDIT: @t9f: Congratulations on your red coronation.

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