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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

What bal said isn't far away from the truth. because of the retarded,Free education system we have you can pretty much find people graduated from faculties of Medical/Engineering/science..etc going through life as complete scrubs mainly because of there low economical state and there lack of POWER.

I,on the other hand,have the POWER (my family actually) so the worst case scenario for me is to end up in Egyptair international's defense Bureau.

I have my eye on a position (Don't know it's name in engrish) that demands me to graduate with a high grades or have a serious shit POWER or both,It's enough to say that it's a position that will grant me a full authority over the government dogs, I stand in the court and speak by the name of the public and justice,I interrogate every one including the government dogs,I can break into any police station/center and have all my demands granted,pretty much it means that i'll have the power over the cops swines without being one myself.

If it didn't work out,then opening my own office and becoming a KICK ASS defense attorney would be the next best thing.

Originally Posted by OG View Post
hopefully youre better at convincin people stuffz irl.

I can pretty much prove most of what i clam with evidence,but why should i when those who know me here knows that am no lair.

Also i'd rock your world irl,OG.

Also Also,i like your new ava.

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post

@DA - My older bro graduated from law school at Ole Miss. He works with a judge, got the offer 6 months before he graduated. Lucky, huh? lol! He lives far away and I don't know the details of his job but he seems to enjoy it... Its been a year since he's been working, and I still have not seen his and his girlfriends apartment. lawl.
I don't know where you live so i don't know about your country's legal system,wither if it's the jury system or the judge system.

If it's the second one (My system),I hope your brother is a judge's's pretty awesome for him to start at this means that he was a bright student back in college so it probably wont take him long enough before he becomes a judge himself. If it was the 1st then am not sure what is his job actually but am guessing something equally awesome,Either ways my best regards for him.
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