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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

This doesn't do anything to stop the fact that saying Tsunade could be Naruto's literal grandmother makes no sense. Again. OP, do you really think that Tsunade had a kid at 12? Hell, the only character that she's remotely been implied to have any actual romantic relations with was Dan, and that was around the time of the Third Great Ninja War as far as we can tell. Long, long after Minato had been born.

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Let's look at another familly tree for a second

Asuma- kurenai Asuma's Bro- unknown female

baby asuma konahameru

Tsunade is (sarutobi) Minato is (Asuma) Naruto is Baby Asuma
We know that Danzo manipulated his way in .. Kakashi could be subbed for Konahameru thus tying him into the senju's blood line J-man can be Tsunade's cousin or other not too distant relative
What the hell?

Let's see here: Sarutobi, no indication of being Senju blood for real. Minato, no honest evidence supporting Senju blood.

And your analogy is absolute shit. You're trying to argue some kind of jigsaw puzzle-esque shit to try to prove this, but the fact stands that Minato is Naruto's father. You can't change that shit around. For Tsunade to have been Naruto's grandmother, she would have to be the mother of either Minato or Kushina, both of which are horribly unrealistically aged to fit that position. They'd be in their mid-twenties at the time of Naruto's birth, when Tsunade was 38. People, just let that sink in already. Tsunade would have had a kid at the fuckin age of 11-14 for that to be true.
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