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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
I think Kakashi is either 30 or in his late 20s now. I agree that Tsunade could have had a baby in her teens if Itachi had a lover in his early teens. Minato didnt look 15 or 16 to me when he was Hokage. He looked about 20ish. Much younger than Kakashi can be subjective. 5 years could be much younger to the one who made that comment, or it could be 10 years, especially given the context of choosing a Hokage. Plus, I dont know for sure, but I think he said Minato was "even younger" than Kakashi and not "much younger"
I like the idea that Naruto is related to Tsunade. The whole "Granny Tsunade" hints at it all the time.

1.If you look at what kids in this universe are doing (Killing people at 14-16yrs) then I don't think that having a relationship and even children is out of place. I think it could work, Tsunade would have been around 40ish when Naruto was born; and Minato looks around 20ish. So that could mean Tsunade would have been around 20 herself when Minato was born. Besides, she looks damn old when her whore'n justu is no longer in play.

2. If Tsunade is Naruto's grandmother than that would explain her detailed knowledge of Kushina (Spl?)(Naruto's mom) and Minato. In any of the flash backs it never shows any interaction between these people so it leaves an openning that can be used if wanted.


1. Why in the hell would Naruto's grandmother not come and take over the raising of her grandson after his father dies and mother "disapears"?

2. Then when she sees him again only thinks about the Kyuubi?

I think the senju in Naruto works well being just his strong affinity with the "Will of Fire", but fits well if his is related to the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Hokages as well.

Oh, and the whole thing about the Kages and the tailed hosts.... First off, I think Minato wouldn't be the person to force the Kyuubi in someone/someone's child unless it was the last choice so picking his own son makes perfect sense.

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