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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
Not going through all of the me when motoi made that statement I thought he was only talking about his village. I would hate to think that AKA was able to take out all of the other tailed beast if they had siblings who could have assisted in the battles to prevent capture...i could be wrong but i didnt take that statement for all of the hidden villages. Also it would be f*** up if naruto had family and they let him suffer like that as a kid...that would be so wrong. Even gaara had some family there. Hell for all we know naruto was homeless...lmao...
.....Reread what Motoi said.

And to everyone, Tsunades ability to fight [from what we've seen] is shit. But her leadership and healing jutsu is amazing, which makes her a great Hokage. She doesn't necessarily have to be a powerhouse like the other Kages and Sannin for her to be a great asset to the village. She saved many people.
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