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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post the jinchuriki are the direct blood relatives of the Kage hinted at first by with Gara being of similar powers of the third Kazekage also lending credence that Gara possesses a Kekakigenkai
this is awesome because now we know that Naruto and the other tailed beast are relatives of the kage's this tells us the reason for the Fourth Hokage to put the demon tailed fox in his son in the first place and it even lets us know that Naruto and Tsunade are related .. more than likely thru her son Minato

and it may also explain the family resemblance between Yugito and Shii

After 2 weeks this one bit of information was well worth it
Yes. Jinchuuriki are the direct blood of the Kage. Therefore,If Orochimaru were to have kids and became Hokage. His child would be eligible to become a jinchuuriki.

Naruto is the first nine tailed host. If any others existed. They must of died or lost the Kyuubi, because Kyuubi is one hell of a beast to tame and is not really friendly unless your Uchiha Madara.

Tsuande and Naruto are not related. (UNTIL THE MANGA STATES TSUANDE IS NARUTO GRANDMOM, GRANDAUNT or something along the lines of being related.)

1. Tsuande never had any kids.
2. The only relative she had was that younger brother of hers.
3. Minato last name is Namikaze. Must be someone from the Namikaze clan. The reason why Minato was so powerful and elite is because he's a rare genius.

If Tsuande and Naruto are related. Tsuande DOES one HELL of a TERRIBLE JOB of raising Naruto.

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