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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
I doubt if we will se it. Her time to shine has likely passed. She showed us some slight skills against Orochu and Kabuto, and she showed her slug skills against Pain. Im not surprised she hasnt used. People as old an talented as Jiraiya, Orochu and Tsunade are likely capable of so much that they would need their own gaiden to show off all their great talents. Like I said, Kakashi needed Pain to invade just to show us what else he could do with his lightning. Tsunade has shown that she is a more than a capable fighter and Hokage so I dont expect Kishi to care enough to go into any more details about her capabilities. She is the lesser of the 3 Sannins anyway. I doubt if she has any more fighting purpose in this manga, but maybe.
Well with the war coming up it would be something to see Tsunade have some special ability saved up, but as you said it's not likely that she will.

Back on topic... Heck, what is there to talk about when the overall consensus is that Naruto isn't related to Tsunade? Unless Kishi could prove otherwise of course. But what I would like to see is a little more about Naruto's lineage. Not just his mom and dad but his biological grandparents and what clan they were in.
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