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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by TheThinker View Post
umm reread the konoha invasion arc.. tsunade was about to fight pein but naruto came.. just because your hokage does not entitle you to fight everytime someone invades your village. your job is to make the best possible action to limit casualties which she did. you and i both know that if she were to actually fight pein she would have died a stupid meaningless death so she took the smart decision and picked someone more capable of fighting him.. last time i checked she is a healing nin which means she is better capable of assisting in combat not fighting it out.. the more u post about what she didnt or doesnt do the more i will just prove you wrong. i can understand you not knowing info but being completely ignorant is something different
True she limited the casualities until the big bang came, also she fainted the moment Naruto probably came and sended her away, do you really think she could have fought Pain. Also think about this. Tsunade heals everyone using her own chakra, this tires her out. She doesn't actually really heal anyone. She just stops them from dying. Now what if Naruto didn't come and Tsunade would have fought Pain in this state? Do you think that Pain wouldn't have killed everyone after Tsunade's dead? IMO she took a huge gamble and lucky for her she finaly won one again.

Again she's a great asset and Leader for Konoha, but I just wished she did more in that fight. BTW let's end that discussion since neither of us will agree with eachother.
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