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Re: Previous 9 tails jinchuriki

If there were ever a Kyuubi host, it was probably the elder son of the 1st Sage, who seemed to want to be all powerful like daddy. I can definitely see him tracking down the Buuji, at least the strongest of them, after his father split the 10 tails. I doubt if anyone outside the 1st Sage's bloodline could contain something as powerful and destructive as the 9 tails. The Senju had strong bodies like the 1st Sage, and I imagine that it was the same genetics in the 1st Hokages chakra that allowed him to do wood, that allowed him power over a Buuji. Im also assuming that since Yamato made the statement about Naruto's own chakra being special because it had power over the 9 tails, Naruto may have unique chakra power over Buuji.

Inside Konoha, I dont really see a reason for them to have needed a jinjuriki. They had Hyuuga, Uchiha, and Senju. Those 3 clans alone, and their genetic potential could put up a match against any Buuji that any other nation could control and send their way. Im guessing Raikage or the 3rd Raikage got cocky once Killa B was old and strong enough to finally control the 8 tails and that is why Konoha was threatened with war and that's why Sarutobi gave into their demands, but until then, I doubt if Konoha really had any serious threat against other Buuji and a need for their own.

Plus, trying to put the 9 tails in somebody would be extremely dangerous for the village as seen by the 8 tails in the Cloud village in the past. Konoha has not had the type of rulers to take such risks and reduce a child to an ultimate weapon without a serious need, and that didnt seem to come about until Minato saw it as the only way to save Konoha and help his son and Konoha defeat the "guy in the mask" in the future.
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