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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
What fucking point are you trying to make? Naruto IS related to a Kage: the FOURTH Hokage. There is NO REASON that this would make him related to Tsunade. NONE. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

Oh, and btw: common =/= always.
Exactly the point I'm trying to make. is yes that Naruto is related to the Kage.. the 4th 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th.. That the Kage are all related to one another .. just the same as your last name may be smith but you may also have family members with the last name Johnson and Robinson ..but the fact remains you are all related... the manga clearly stated that the Jinchuriki of the 5 great nations are chosen from the Spouse.. ie husband and wives or close blood relatives.. cousins nieces and nephews.. of the Kage.. that is my point. when Tobi told the story about the Uchiha being held down by the Senju he showed a picture of the stone faces on the mountain and said Senju.. if this was a moot point then why not just say hashi and Tobirama and be done with it.. but no he showed in that image all the Kage which suggests that they are all Senju as they were the ones in control.. if Hiruzen was of a different political dynasty.. then why would he uphold the cruel treatment of the Uchiha even if he sought to change the status quo!

THe Jinchuriki are chose due to the Kage in each village .. they are relatives and the Kage are chosen due to who the current Jinchuriki is .. it's that simple.. keep the jinchuriki loyal to the village
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