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Re: Naruto and "Granny" Tsunade

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
yea Oro is no Uchiha .. but his family could very well have been Senju as he was a candidate for Hokage at some point once again I bring to the table the second and third cousin rule.. the Jinchuriki were chosen from the spouses and close blood relatives of the Kage.. and to keep a jin loyal to the village and the Kage .. wouldn't it make sense to select a Kage that would have a bond with a jink to keep it loyal to the village.

Both Gaara and Chiyo believe in the will of fire.. does this make them Senju by default.. in at least thought since they followed the doctrine.. oh and Nagato as well since Naruto poisoned him with rainbows n sunshine
But a Senju couldn't represent the idealogy of the Uchiha. The only Uchiha to be shown holding onto the Senju idealogy are Obito and Itachi. The former was an outcast and "runt" among the Uchiha, and the latter was a very strong pacifist. Orochimaru began with an attitude that was supportive of neither philosophy, but then he went batshit insane.

I don't know what you're trying to prove with the 2nd paragraph, since it basically proves my point right, but whatever.

The reason it's unlikely that Sarutobi, Minato, Danzo, Oro, Jiraiya, etc, are Senju is that the actual Senju, just as they spread the idea of the Will of Fire, did not discriminate against any. Hashirama did everything he could to make peace with the Uchiha, and left Konoha open to immigration and integration of other clans. Tobirama gave the Uchiha substantial power in the police force, and Kagami Uchiha was among those that he considered "worthy" of possibly being the Third Hokage. The Senju were not discriminatory at all, it was not until the political power of the Senju bloodline had died out that there was suspicion, distrust, and deception. And even then, Sarutobi tried everything he could to keep the Will of Fire alive, because he was the person who adhered to the philosophy of Hashirama the most of the people that could have been the Third Hokage, which is exactly why Tobirama picked him.
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