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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

Originally Posted by NamikazeNaruto View Post
Even though I like him, Gai should die. Jiraiya died like 100+ chapters ago?
Noone important besides Nagato has died since then without gay ass revival shits.
A big character does need to die sometime soon, but imagine what would happen if Gai died...All hell would break loose. With Lee. Everyone knows how Lee fucking WORSHIPS Gai, and if he died, Lee would go INSANE. Plus, it just wouldn't seem right if Gai died anytime soon...I think he should die dramatically with Kakashi holding him in his bloodied up arms in the war or some shit like that, then Lee and Kakashi have flashbacks and then together go into beast mode and completely annihilate the bastards that killed Gai.
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