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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

the best vicotry sasuke has ever won was against deidara
it was not planned/ but deidara did plan
he knew nothing of deidara/ deidara has anti sharingan shit and knew his abilities through itachi
sasuke was holding back, trying not to kill for info/ deidara was trying to kill

this was the most fairest fight sasuke had ever had without external reasons helping him
the only thing is that he had oro hax

the second would be the fight agaisnt danzo
they were both fighting to kill
sasuke was not at his best (even with healing and restoring chakra he must have still been tired from the fights)
sasuke didnt have an info on danzo but danzo had a few (amaterasu, susanoo etc)
although the only thing is that danzo couldnt use his shisui eye and if he could it MIGHT have turned out a lil different

the awsome thing is about sasukes recent fights are mostly because he enters the fights without prior knowledge or help and still wins
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