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The Naruto Live Action Movie

First of all, if there is a live action movie in the works, I don't know anything about it. Why then risk inciting the masses with this thread title.

From time to time, I will see scenes from movies, anime. TV shows, whatever...that remind me of scenes from the Naruto manga or anime.

The purpose of this thread is to collect your ideas on elements for the Naruto Live Action Movie, that we probably all hope will eventually happen. It can be Special effects from other movies, Actors to play specific parts...whatever from wherever. For instance...

1) Normally when an amime is done, there is no way to recreate the funky hair-styles that go with the beloved characters...however after watching a making of video for the movie Avatar, I see that that technology could be used to bring the Naruto characters to life just as we know them or better.

2) There is a movie called Dragon Wars which for me was so bad that I fell asleep at least six times while trying to watch it. One of those times, I happed to wake up right at the end of the movie where the special effects were completely different from the rest of the movie. Most notably, there is an amimation that is the perfect rasengan.

3) I know this may be hard for some to believe, but I am only just now discovering Bleach. I recently watched episode 58. 20 minutes in, and I could not help wondering if this was Kishis inspiration for Konoha's yellow flash. It's not exactly how I would like to see it onscreen, but it sure is similar to how it is depicted in the Naruto manga.

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