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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

Originally Posted by uchiha123456 View Post

Chapter Title; As the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki

Killer Bee Senses something has changed in Naruto
Killer Bee agrees to teach Naruto. If Naruto defeats his Yami Self
Naruto Starts the Waterfall Training again this time with Bee watching

Madara talks to Kabuto. In the end he tells Kabuto to attack Kumo

Naruto is fighting Yami Naruto but its still a draw
Naruto thinks back to Killer Bee’s story were Bee accepts himself as a Jinchuuriki
Naruto figures out that Yami Naruto can’t use the Demon Fox’s power but he can
Naruto finally accepts that he is the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki and calls on some of the Fox’s power and beats the shit out of Yami Naruto

Yami Naruto tries to do the same but he is swallowed whole by the Fox’s power. Naruto has defeated his Yami self
Killer Bee agrees to help naruto in his training and he says its time for step 2

Else Where Kabuto is overlooking a fortress in the Lighting country
The Fortress is the first line of defense protecting the Lighting Daimyo’s Castle and Kumogakure
Kabuto summons his Akatsuki Tensi and his attack begins

End of Chapter


(Might be its fake but a spoiler is a spoilers)
Oh man. This sounds legit.
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