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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

Just thought, Danzou prepared himself to seomeday have to battle Itachi, Madara or Sasuke Uchiha with MS. I wonder what special abilities the elders may have especially created to battle an MS user. Maybe the old lady elder can have MS genjutsu dispelling technique that she can teach Sakura.

If Sasuke comes to Konoha while Naruto is gone, the rookies will get their asses handed to them. I would love to see Neji and Sasuke battle before Sasuke can make it to the elders, after beating the asses of all the other rookies.

Shino uses his bugs, Sasuke chidoriis his body for those and then uses his extended lightning sword and electrifies all the bugs in Shino's body, killing them and defeating Shino instantly, leaving him on the ground, body smoking. Kiba and Akamaru go Kiba clone jutsu and Sasuke puts them both under Sharingan gengutsu so they both see and "smell" each other as Sasuke and fight each other (chunin ref). Ino attempts to jump into Sasuke's mind, but immediately jumps back into her body, screaming, having to be slapped back to reality, saying that Sasuke's mind and body is too dark and too strong for her to control or even be inside. Choji grows big and attempts to squash Sasuke. Sasuke sends a fireball at Choji's hands coming at him that burns through and continues to Choji's face. Choji dodges but from the sky comes a small scale Kirin, bolt of lightning that hits Choji and knocks him out just as he is about to step on Sasuke. Ten Ten throws out weapons after weapons after weapons from scroll after scroll at Sasuke. Soon as the dusk clears, u just see Ten Ten fall, spitting blood from the mouth and unconscious as she is just hit in the back by Sasuke that somehow got out of there unseen. Rock Lee drops his ankle weights and kicks the shit out of Sasuke and talks about Naruto and Sakura and feelings and bla bla bla. Sasuke engages Lee in taijutsu and dodges Lee's movements the whole fight. Lee gets mad and opens gates and Sasuke takes 1 more blow before dominating Lee in taijutsu even with his gates opened, breaking that same leg and arm that Gaara broke in the chinnun exam. Shikamaru catches Sasuke in his Shadow. Sasuke slowly manages to turn to look at Shikamaru while Hinata comes at Sasuke with the jutsu she used against Pain. Just as she is about to hit Sasuke, she sees that it's shikamaru that she is about to hit and not Sasuke. Sasuke had trapped Hinata and Shika in a genjutsu to see 2 different things. Shika saw an imaginary Sasuke that Hinata was about to attack and Hinata saw Shikamaru as Sasuke. Neji breaks the genjutsu on them before Hinata can attack Shikamaru. Hinata and Shika cannot move as if they were put in MS paralyzing genjutsu. Next chapter: Byakugan genius vs Sharingan genius.
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