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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

Originally Posted by freedom07 View Post
fuck sage mode

fuck kyubii

narutos talk no jutsu and hug no jutsu are his most powerful and valuable assets

next naruto will learn.....rainbow no jutsu !
Ooooo... Rainbow no jutsu. I hope it goes like this:

(in not so distant future... but definitely not tomorrow)
Naruto: Sasuke.
Sasuke: Naruto.
Naruto: The time has come at last.
Sasuke: Indeed... are you prepared to die?
Naruto: If that's what needs to happen... but first...
Sasuke: ?!
Naruto: ... let me show you this!
Sasuke: Don't bother! You can't change my mind! EVERYONE WILL DIE!!!
Naruto, smiling: Oh yeah? RAINBOW NO JUTSU!!!

(hours later)
Sasuke: Holy... shit...
Naruto: I know.
Sasuke: Holy... shit...
Naruto: Yeah... I know.
Sasuke: They really do sync up!
Naruto, takes a puff: Crazy shit.
Sasuke: I mean... what the fuck? Did they plan that or did it just happen by accident?
Naruto: Or, maybe the movie makers made the movie just so this album could be made to sync up with them. Think about it.
Sasuke: Wait... what? Whoa... that's...
Naruto: Did I just blow your mind?
Sasuke: Holy... shit...
Naruto: I know. (passes the joint to Sasuke)
Sasuke: This is awesome. I... what was I doing before this?
Naruto: Murderous rampage. You killed half of Konoha.
Sasuke: No shit... man... I've been so confused about life.
Naruto: Hey, don't talk to me... I've just been chasing you around.
Sasuke: Man...
Naruto: Yeah... you just need a little epiphany... that's where Floyd solves all, my friend.
Sasuke: Yeah... holy shit. Why did I hate you?
Naruto: No clue... open those doritos and rewind the video.
Kakashi: These. Books. Are. Awesome.
Sasuke: ?
Naruto: ?
Kakashi: what?
Tobi: Quiet interrupting ... these dudes are on to something. Oh shit... I can't feel my feet. Guys, I can't feel my feet. Where are my feet?!?
Naruto: Last time I smoke with adults, I swear.
Sasuke: uh huh <munch munch>


WARNING: The preceding spoof is rated PG13 for harsh language and implied drug use. This is not an endorsement of speaking with this language or using drugs to end your "best friends" murderous rampages. However, Pink Floyd does indeed provide epiphanies.
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