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Re: 495 Predictions / Spoilers

Originally Posted by Encon Uchiha View Post
lololol come on Encon. Don't have anything better to say that "w/e"? You don't learn stuff by saying that. Only saying, "Yeah bro you're right. lol my bad." and learning from it is the only way you'll learn. No hard feelings, buddy. You haven't pissed me off. Yet.

I predict Naruto will struggle to control the kyuubi. He'll have a physical battle with him. He'll use the key he deepthroated (haha) to control him. All Naruto has to do is what the frog said. His will has to be stronger than the Kyuubi's.

Then comes the real fun, Maybe (hopefully), Kisame will come out to play and Naruto will team up with Bee to fuck him up. Double bijuu vs. Kisame/Samehada. Woah. FUCK YEAH.

Then we can finally see what's up with Sasuke and those damn eyes of his. I'm so annoyed that they haven't been revealed yet. I REALLY hope the design isn't ridiculous...I hope it's Sasuke's Eye of the Jew design inside Itachi's pinwheel design, but Inverted. fuck yes.

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