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Re: Naruto 497 Predictions/Spoilers

I predict that Kissame will finally make his move...

KB is helping Naruto so if Kissame takes out Yamato, then all he has to do is ambush KB.

Kissame might assume that Naruto would be overwhelmed by the Kyuubi without KB's help. Then all he and Madara would have to do is extract the imprisoned Kyuubi.

This would present the perfect time for Might Guy to show up and have that rematch with Kissame. Meanwhile Naruto would be struggling and searching himself for the power to gain control of the Kyuubi.

I would expect Guy to lose to a full-powered Kissame who has probably been leeching chakra from KB and the Hachibi for several days now...but just before the final blow is struck, Naruto, in full control of the Fox could show up "just in the nick of time" and kick Kissame's ass with his newly acquired Kyuubi chakra.

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