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Prince Ali

Hey, clear the way of his taxi cab
Hey you! Let 'em through, or it's you he'll stab
You don't want to be the first one to earn his ire!
Make way, here he comes
Sound the bells
Load your guns
'Cause you're gonna hate this guy

Prince Ali, murderous He, Ali al-Sarshes
He kills for fun
Give him a gun
Go on a spree
Now Saji's sisters vented
Three Gundam pilots are dead
Cause Ali's sick in the head, indeed is he!

Prince Ali! Mighty is he, Ali al-Sarshes
Strong as ten suits with GN driiives!
He faced the Thrones Trinity
Who'd make any saner man flee
But who wrecked Eins, Zwei, and Drei
Why, Prince Ali!

He has all sorts of shadowy backers
Private armies, yea, they work for free
When it comes to owning mobile suits
Yeah, he's had a few
I'm telling you
It's a worldwide conspiracy!

Prince Ali! Handsome is he, Ali al-Sarshes
That goatee, I wish it could be
Pasted on me!
Time to get up into that square
Steal your nerves and then say a prayer
Survivors, yeah, those are rare with Prince Ali!

He's got nineteen brown Krugis jihad-kuns (He's called a jihad, let's fight a jihad)
And to join him he charges no fee (Except your folk! Go kill your folks!)
He's got slaves, he's got servants and flunkies (Terrified to work for him)
They bow to his whim, fear enraging him
Less they be martyred by Prince Ali!

Prince Ali!
Fearsome is he! Ali al-Sarshes
Heard your Gundams were a sight, lovely to see
And that, good people, is why he got cleaned up and dropped by
With sixty Overflags, ENACTS galore
With his GN-Xs and Tierens
Alvatores and more
With his forty Realdos, his Anfs, his Laohos
Gagas that explode on key!
So make way for Prince Ali!

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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