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Naruto Live Action TV Series Idea

Im new to this forum. I hope youre not like most forums and have some decency and dont immediately flame new ideas. Anyhow, Ive had this GREAT idea. If Cartoon Network (or another channel) would do like a LIVE ACTION Naruto TV Series. They could involve Parkour and Other Choreography for Any Fighting/Taijutsu, and Genjutsu and Ninjutsu could be covered by computer graphics. Ive seen a lot of really good Parkour and it just goes right hand in hand with Naruto and ninja fighting (Ive read the whole series so dont flame me for being a noob). If we had really good acting, and if the storyline is done well, I think it would be a big success. I think the actors should prob be Asian but they have to be REAL good and they must speak English with no accent. (We dont want another Dragonball Evolution) This would be a great idea. And I think if you support it just comment on this thread and we could start a petition. This is REALLY different from any other idea because there has never been a big Live Action TV Series done on an ALREADY successful ONGOING manga before. Sure, we've had short movies done on manga like DBZ (but thats different and a one-time thing), and we've had movies done on already successful stuff (like harry potter) but NEVER before in history on an ongoing successful series with a Live Action remake. I think this has the potential of making more profit than anything before and I think the big problem would be getting this pitched and accepted AND its very important that they dont butcher it with rewriting the plot or messing up the character or bad actors but it could be a big success because 1. of the already big success with the plot 2.and more importantly the new, innovative brand of Naruto ninja fighting thats never been seen before in Live Action. So what do you guys think?

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