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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
ok if you guys say so ... and are such experts on the matter I'll leave it alone.. seeing a person run in a weird patter in a field and archer can shoot his arrow into the distance seemingly not aiming at anything or anyone and hit his mark.. doesn't mean he is a genius .. it 's just he saw his opponents moves and was able to think ahead of him.. but I'm not here to get into stuff like this.. you guys think whatever you want.. I'm not here to teach or enlighten you
no, that's called leading the shot. that's not "thinking ahead." that's common sense. Anyone who has ever handled any form of projectile knows this. When something's moving fast enough that you need to lead your shot, it's not hard at all to predict where they will be in 1 second.

You're right, you're not here for that, because if you were you'd lose your job in .5 seconds.

We're not "tearing your theory down" because we've already pointed out the incredibly illogical, hair-brained "justification" you've posted for it. As I've said way too many times at this point, the theory is plausible, but you provide no legitimate, acceptable proof. Plus there's the fact that you're completely delusional and refuse to understand when you're wrong ever.
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