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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

my prediction for 500 is just a theory but this could be a way for kishi to explain how Naruto is special .. what happened that night and make him senju

after my theory came thru I thought why not give this a try.. it's my first one but here goes

This is just a rough draft but will comeback and edit it later

"Tails if Two Cities" double issue

Kushina: yes Naruto I was the vessel for the Kyuubi before you


Kushina: haven't you ever wondered why there aren't many female jinchuriki..

Naruto: cause if I fell in love with one we'd make a super baby..

Kushina: Umm yes and no ttebayo!

if a female jinchuriki becomes pregnant then the biju must be removed through a risky technique that uses the child's chakra as a buffer to keep her alive and anchored in this world.. that's why you have whiskers. the separation of the biju and the interacting chakra left an imprint on you

Naruto: Ohh

Kushina.. the night you were born your father and his sensei Sarutobi used a technique to put the Kyuubi in the sealing pot partially in order for me to give birth to you

Naruto: why not just leave it out and have a normal life..

Kushina : because one it is risky .. I din't want to loose you .. if they completely remove it from me you could have possibly died .. and if they would have left it the stress of childbirth would have caused me to loose control and the fox would run free.. and we were trying to keep it safe

Naruto: Safe from who?

Kushina: the Uchiha.. it was believed by your father that Madara had not died and would use a plant in the village to get the Kyuubi back

Naruto : Back what do you mean .. he had it before?

Kushina yes! he used it like a puppet when he fought against the first Hokage.. it is an ability of the Uchiha eyes to controls and manipulate biju and summons but lord Hashirama was able to defeat him by placing the Kyuubi in a trap much like we did in your mind and then they fought one on one and Madara was thought to have died

When the first Hokage handed out the biju it was not only to bring peace but to ensure the Uchiha couldn't gain access to such power.. and the 9 tails was given to the Uzukage to keep it safe.. at that time the whirlpool country was the lands just east of the Nara forest between the fire country and the Land of Waves

The Uzukage was entrusted with this because he was a cousin of the first Hokage and was second only to great uncle Tobirama in terms of water jutsu

Naruto:wow you're related to the first and second Hokage

Kushina yes and so are you My father Dan was from the whirlpool country and he met a and fellin love with the slug princess of Konoha .. after our lands were severely weakened during the third great war.. shortly after the death of the second Hokage Hiruzen assimilated our lands to protect the Kyuubi form gettin in the hands of other villages and kept it secret from the Uchiha .. or so he thought


Kushina:while I was giving birth to you and most of the Chandra of the Kyuubi was safely sealed int he pot .. Madara showed up and unleashed it.. Hiruzen and your dad being linked with me and you couldn't break free to help for if the connection between us was severed improperly you and I as well as those two would die.

Naruto: all this for me

Kushina : yes.. I loved you even before you were born and I still do

Naruto... Mom...

Kushina: once the jutsu was undone Minato faced off against Madara and defeated him and the Kyuubi was running rampant destroying everything..

with me having special chakra I was the only one who could tame the Kyuubi.. so Fukasaku reversed summoned me and I was holding you .. and we were right there on the battle field.. the fox was about to crush you but my motherly instinct kicked in and my chakra chains subdued the Kyuubi but it was much to powerful for me to become it's host again ..I had been severely weakened and Hiruzen said he was unsure if I would be able to keep the Kyuubi contained..

Sarutobi noticed you shared my kind of chakra and Minato and I instantly knew what to do.. I gave him some of my chakra and he formed the tech that sealed the fox in you ..

Naruto: so I have special chakra too.. yes you are a descendant of Hashirama Senju .. why wouldn't you .. your grandma never told you ..

Naruto : Grandma..

Kushina: why Tsunade of course.. she's only my mom..
.. oh I bet after she lost everyone and there was a gag order to protect you she left the village as so no one would be the wiser and had uncle Jiraiya watch after you..he would have been glad to since he never had any kids..odd for such a perv

Naruto:Madara is alive mom..

Kushina: Then now that you have control of the fox Naruto you must put an end to him once and for all.. if not no one is safe.. I have faith in you my son

Naruto... thanks... mom


Yamato.. you did it Naruto

Naruto :yea.. now I have to stop the man in the mask.. i must stop Madara Uchiha .. and Sasuke at all cost

Sameheda: gigigigigig

Kissame:emerges from sameheda.. you have to get through me first runt

next time the biju without tales faces two
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