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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Nagato also had a fuckload of chakra. Nagato is definitely not Senju.
nagato is not a senju, he is a randomly universal selected being, lol. Human rasengan, tell you what. When you speculate stuff, let there be a debate. When you are right again and again apparently. Tell these emo douchebags to suck a fat one and block them, simple as that. You are bang on with many things, and when these (fire bad, tree pretty) idiots see the sign, and want to go left instead of right, block em.

DID you fools stop to consider what the mangekou is awakening the ;mind; potential of uchiha DNA, the chakra is the vehicle to realizing senju DNA potential. naruto is the second perfect jinuuriki, but do you see killerbee with any sage-like markings. That potential is awakened in his soul and will be expressed in his SENJU body, come on, deal with.

Don't hate, congradulate and lets move on to the next one.
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