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Re: Naruto fan fictional Endings

The Naruto shippudden Endings,
Peace at the end of a road.

The two characters was standing in front of the Bright pillar of energies brimming from the ground all the way up to the moon. The moon was shining brightly even if it was in the middle of the day. The moons eyes plan had ended many years ago but not until now was it entirely dispelled. In the light the two characters looked like shadows from afar.
The one to the left looked at the sun, his eyes somewhat closed because of all the bright energies around. He then turned his face towards the other shadow and spoke.

" What do you say, old friend?"

"Friend? Aren't we familiar today? Don't label me with your poisonous words! Grrr!"

"Ready to bite, as always."
Looking closer you could see that the smaller of the two had bright yellow hair and a white coat.
The other shape was much larger and appeared to have a number of tails.
The man with the yellow hair smiled.
"Anyway. Is it time? What do you say fox?"

The Kyuubi looked at the sun.
"Who knows Naruto.... I trust you too know better"
The Kyuubi turned away slightly and looked un-interested.

Naruto turned to look at the kyuubi's annoyed face, the fox avoided his gaze.
Naruto smiled in remembrance, the Kyuubi's own way of giving a compliment always made Naruto smile. It was so silly.

"I remember the time I acquired your strength. At that time I did it with force.."

The kyuubi looked back at Naruto visibly annoyed.
" You didn't beat me on your own! There you go again with your words! Grrr.."

Naruto laughed at the Kyuubi's reaction
"Hehe, Yeah yeah, whatever makes you happy"

"You had your mother helping you for god's sake!" The Kyuubi's voice was getting even more agitated, and a high pitch started to be heard in his voice, just a hint.
The Kyuubi stopped all of a sudden and looked at Naruto who was barely keeping it together from laughing. Their eyes met in silence.
"Your trying to make me angry aren't you?" The Kyuubi's face turned from grumpy to a smiling as both he and Naruto started to Laugh.
After a while they stopped laughing and Naruto turned to the Kyuubi again.

"Those were the times. We were both so Naive. But it was the start of it all. I owe you a lot Fox. I'm so grateful to have known you."

The kyuubi looked at Naruto in silence. Some time went and they just stood there.
"To think you have come such a long way.. I still remember the child who was crying to me for power...."

Another moment of silence.

"You know I'm grateful to you too Naruto. I've been trapped in this chain of hatred for so long. And going from host to host, not one of them really tried to understand me. Even if I'm a part of something bigger, I'm still a conscious being. And...."

Naruto looked up at Kyuubi.


The Kyuubi hesitated.

"And .... for freeing me, I will never forget that selfless act back then...."

Naruto smiled again.

"Of course, your welcome. I always meant to free you. You are not a weapon, you are you. And now, your a friend right?"

The Kyuubi reacts to the word friend and gets visually annoyed again.

"There you go again with your words! Grr!"

The Kyuubi started to walk into the bright pillar in front. As he walked away from Naruto he faded away slightly more and more as he merged with the other energies. Before he disappeared fully he stopped, turned his head and looked at Naruto. Smiling he said.

"Thank you Naruto.....Friend..."

As the Kyuubi was engulfed into the rest of the energies and completing the Jutsu the ground around them started to shake. The bright pillar turned even more white as the energies amplified to enormous levels. Naruto shielded his eyes as the marks on the grounds activated and the surrounding area was bathed in light brighter than the sun. Sitting down Naruto focused the energies all around him and felt as they expanded more and more as each binding was released. The net woven on the Juubi was amazing. It had taken many years to prepare for this Jutsu but now it should finally end. When the final lock was released Naruto poured his last stored Chakra into the core. Combined with Natural energies that was pouring in from all over, the energies in the Juubi once again resonated with and bound themselves to the nature around. There was an implosion that Naruto could feel from the core and afterwards followed stillness. The world went silence, all animals stopped moving, all energies stopped flowing. Then in an explosion that shock the whole world in the chakra flow a pulse wave was sent to all living things as the Juubi returned to it's original state in nature.

When the light faded the area had turned into crystal from the exposure to the intense energies.
Left was Naruto sitting in his meditation. His hair was while and he looked a lot older.
Naruto opened his eyes and smiled again. He fell back down on is back laughing a little.
"It's over, he he. Finally there will be peace. The war between the two clans is ended."

As he slowly stood up he groaned at his limps that now ached. He stretched a little and started to walk towards Konoha again. It would take several days to get back to Konoha and like this he didn't know if it was still possible. But he knew the Konoha Ninjas would come to escort him back, just as they planned. Hinata, Sakura, Nila. Maybe even Sasuke..
He smiled at the thought of seeing his friends again. Somehow it felt like he had been away for a long time.
After all that had happened, kakashi, Jirayaa, his parents...

He was finally going home to a world in peace.

Thanks for reading.

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