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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

I spent two pages arguing with miburo about homos. I'm kinda over it. Its clear you all are gay sympathizers, I get it. I'm obviously not going to change any minds here. You should feel the same about me. Therefor your just posting shit to try and make yourselves feel smarter. Congratulations. Consider yourselves elite internet minds.

When I said unnatural I was referring to the natural purpose for sex which is procreation. Not getting each other off and acting with no intellectual restraint when it comes to perverted sexual desire like some wild animal. All you did by bringing up wild animals gaying it up was equate homo behavior to that of a wild animal.

Also that fact that you cherry picked this out of everything I previously wrote is expected. The main theme behind what I was saying to Mibs is that gays choose to be gay (and don't go spouting off junk science about them being born that way its simply not true) and then cry about inequality and civil rights. If I choose to be something society, in general, disregards then I should just accept it and face the consequence of my decisions and actions. Not make the majority bend to my perversion by changing laws when the equivalency is already there just under a different name, ie; marraige/civil unions. That screams of justifying your actions instead of being responsible for them You cannot lump gays in with blacks and other minorities saying its a civil rights issue. Nobody is denying them rights to anything. They're just crying cause society, in general, won't accept their behavior and they seek justification for it.

Like I've said before, I've got no problem with people being gay. Only that they're crybabies about the choices they make. I believe in self responsibility and being held accountable for your actions and not crying and finding justifications for them.

Again, I'm over it, so tear me up all you want and make yourselves feel good. You most likely will not get another response out of me on this topic. I come from a conservative religious point of view and I understand that to you some of my arguments here are illogical, because the very nature of religion is illogical. There is no room for logic when it comes to the sovereignty of God. I believe in Him and the order he has set. I could honestly care less what you think on the matter.
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