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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by Ero-Sage View Post
Also that fact that you cherry picked this out of everything I previously wrote is expected. The main theme behind what I was saying to Mibs is that gays choose to be gay (and don't go spouting off junk science about them being born that way its simply not true) and then cry about inequality and civil rights. If I choose to be something society, in general, disregards then I should just accept it and face the consequence of my decisions and actions. Not make the majority bend to my perversion by changing laws when the equivalency is already there just under a different name, ie; marraige/civil unions. That screams of justifying your actions instead of being responsible for them You cannot lump gays in with blacks and other minorities saying its a civil rights issue. Nobody is denying them rights to anything. They're just crying cause society, in general, won't accept their behavior and they seek justification for it.
If it's a "choice", then explain why there are animals that exhibit the behavior. The vast majority of animals are not truly sentient, and only mammals are technically even capable of true emotion. There's no way that a Penguin is going to decide one day "you know what, I like other guy penguins." That's not to say, however, that there aren't people who choose to be homosexual or bisexual or what have you. But saying that EVERY person who is LGBT MUST have chosen to be so is bullshit.

LGBT rights are a Civil Rights issue. Something as simple as marriage is forbidden to them just because they don't want to be married to the opposite sex. How is that fair in any way? Why is it that a man should be able to marry a woman when they love each other, but not a man and a man or a woman and a woman? It's not based on logic, it's entirely based on hatred and prejudice against homosexuals, largely from religious groups, that quite frankly should have no influence on the government.

On the idea of "homosexuality being 'wrong'" in any way:
-So, two people of the same sex being in love and having a serious relationship is a moral sin...

but committing genocide because a group of people do not have the same faith as you isn't?

It's not a question of 'whether the Church is logical', it's a question of the Church thinking it can get away with anything, and it's due largely to Right-Wing, Ultra Christian, dumb-ass politicians and their supporters that the Church has way too much power over the government in America.
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