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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

IMHO I don't think that at all I think he meant it literally since there is going to be a literal battle between Naruto and Sasuke.. I see them as actually being Uchiha and Senju .. I use as clues.. the fact the name has sooo much importance in the story Naruto wanting soo bad to become Hokage, the Hokage being referred to as Senju on more than one occasion( even if people only believe there are 3 Senju on the Hokage mountain fine88 why not just name them personally**. So as I have shown you here my rational is wayy different on the things that I use to lead me to think this .. but if .. and I got to type like I'm writing a legal paper with you guys .. if Naruto does indeed turn out to be an actual Senju... would that make me any less right or wrong?[/QUOTE]

Not really buddy. HR you are definately on to something. We are not gonna really find out the truth unless kishi states in Bold Italic words in a bubble that naruto is a Senju. I like theories but until he writes it thats all it is going to be a theory. Im not here to burst your bubble i hope your theory is correct cause that would be bad ass, more than Naruto having the belief system of the will of fire of a Senju.
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