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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
See that's the problem you are trying to define what I am and am not using.. I'm not stating every little clue I use and you're leaving your'sef to put things in there like

-Naruto is pit against Sasuke by Madara
-Madara says that Naruto has the Will of Fire
-Naruto lives in Konoha
-Naruto's dad was a Hokage
-Naruto is a Jinchuuriki
-Naruto must be a Senju

when I am using
-Madara says he see's Hashirama in you (as in you look like my old adversary)
-Tobi saying Madara and Hashirama 's fight was fated
-HTe fire of the senju clan dwells in you (you're one of them .. kinda like if an asian familly moved into your neighborhood you'd know who the Wong kids were)
then him drawing the paralells of senju and uchiha fire and hatred naruto and sasuke

then lets break this down
on one side I have Sasuke=hatred-Uchiha

ok got it..

on the other side Naruto=fire-Senju.. how come this doesn't compute like Sasuke's does for you guys I'm not understanding..

ok it's not manga fact yet we get that Kishi has a story to tell .. but these are the things I use and how I come up with it.. when you got to putting extra shit in the cake batter you fuck it up .. that's why yo cake is never as good as mine .. I AM THE HUMAN RASENGAN RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

Ps. Sorry Najiro .. I just have been on the defensive for the last day .. it wears on ya.. didn't mean to be so smug .. but it's like if I don't spell things out correctly or take people on the grand tour .. they can't find their way around
So basically you're saying that, because you can't actually form a decent train of logic, it's our job to assume you're right by putting the puzzle pieces in the wrong spots until it forms the picture you want it to?

Naruto has no physical resemblance to Hashirama. "Seeing Hashirama in you" is referring to Naruto's personality and philosophy. He's drawing parallels between the conflicts of the Senju and the Uchiha, and Naruto vs. Sasuke, as it is the same battle of philosophy.
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