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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
OMG dude what are you 12.. I'm not gonna explain my train of logic to you again it's right fuckin g there in plain English.. your problem is you're trying to make my thoughts fit your own and it's just not working .. your brain and your mouth play marco polo wit each other a lot.. either that or you have no way of listening.. I'm not going to defend my point of view here anymore.. I'm telling you what I think and what I use for a basis for getting there .. I don't expect that you would get everything.. but some people do.. .. my comments must be for them and not you .. just avoid me like the plague .. unless you get some cheap thrill out of trying to have a debate .. we can do that but inbox me with a message before hand so I won't think that you'r mind is really that incapable of understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth.. the text is right here for anyone ot see.. they can go back and search my threads .. but as far as this other crap goes you and everyone else can just shove it.. I'm going to say my piece .. you don't like it .. fine say yo 2 cents n move da fuck on
You're acting like your fallacious, inept, terrible, just plain stupid non-logic is something that is "too advanced" for most people to get, and that you're some kind of visionary.

"STOP TRYING TO MAKE MY THOUGHTS FIT YOUR OWN!" That's not what I'm doing. Unless you mean trying to think about your arguments in an intelligent, logical manner, that's not at all what I'm doing. I'm pointing out flaws in your reasoning. Logic is universal, it's not different from argument to argument. Any theory that can be proven through evidence and argument is based on valid logic. Many of the very theories you present are entirely plausible. YOU JUST DON'T MAKE VALID ARGUMENTS FOR THEM. People like Veng can actually use evidence and logic to make the same theories you say actually seem plausible because he uses VALID EVIDENCE AND LOGIC.
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