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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Mack2128 View Post
Ok, listen, I am not talking about HR or his argument to back up his claim. Assume that someone else made this thread and said, "hey, does anyone think that Naruto could be a senju?" Im more focused on the possibility than what HR said to be honest with you. All im saying is this manga was created by someone other than us, therefore he can do whatever he wants with the outcome and it's characters. Basically im saying this, even though there aren't FACTS, it could still be a possibility, period.
there is a possibility that someoen is going to fight someoen who is magically sick again's hppened before.. oro and itachi and kimmimarro all had mystery illnesses.. so there is a chance that someoen else will show up with one as well.. and even tho I have laid out these are the things as to the reason that I (that's me and no one else ) believes it using these clues.. then it's an awe no way type thing .. I use themes and context clues that I pick up on from the story.. like with the Kushina thing.. the reason I came to the conclusion of her being the jink was because the way kishi kept drawing her hair and Naruto mistook her for the fox.. that was enough for me to see where things were going.. others needed this last issue to come to that conclusion.. but because of how i got to my answer I'm wrong

what if I told you 2+2 is 4
no it's not 1+3 is
no you're both wrong 1+1+1+1
no you all are 4+0 is.. but does that stop any of those from being correct.. but they all got to the same answer on a different path.. they all saw something different
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

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