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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Mack2128 View Post
Ok, listen, I am not talking about HR or his argument to back up his claim. Assume that someone else made this thread and said, "hey, does anyone think that Naruto could be a senju?" Im more focused on the possibility than what HR said to be honest with you. All im saying is this manga was created by someone other than us, therefore he can do whatever he wants with the outcome and it's characters. Basically im saying this, even though there aren't FACTS, it could still be a possibility, period.
That's just it, though. There ARE facts. They don't go out and say "NARUTO IS OF THE SENJU LINEAGE," but if you use actual manga facts, combined with valid trains of logic, there IS evidence for Naruto possibly being Senju. That's not what this is about. This topic is about HR's inability to make a decent argument, and why having the theory proven true does not mean that he was right, because his arguments are NOT based on facts, and the justification he uses for things is DIFFERENT than what Kishi uses.

Oh, and at HR's "x = 4" logic:

No, it's more like you saying "6+7 = FOUR!" then having Kishi say "2 + 2 = 4" then you saying "SEE I WAS RIGHT! FOUR IS THE ANSWER!"
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