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Re: Naruto fan fictional Endings

Old Enemies, New Friends - Part 1

The fight has been intense between Naruto and Sasuke.
Naruto Lay Bleeding on the Floor, on all fours.

Naruto: *smirks at Sasuke* Your pretty great as usual Sasuke.
Naruto: You won...

*Naruto* Begins making one last hand sign as he grabs his stomach and releases the 9-Tails from his prison.

Naruto: I told you i wouldn't hurt you... Your obligation has ended, go and be free...

*Naruto* Collapses onto the floor blood trickling from his mouth.

*Sasuke* Drops to one knee and begins to laugh maniacally.

Sasuke: You were always weak

*Sasuke* As he lifts his head up we see one eye closed from the use of Izanagi. Sasuke is also missing a part of his left arm.

Sasuke: 8-Tails do your job and heal me quickly, we don't have much time before his life is completely gone.

8-Tails: Grrrr yyyes mmmaster...

*Naruto* Naruto's Body rises into the air as blood and chakra pour out from his stomach. a Voice appears from the distance near Naruto.

*Sasuke* Looks angry

Sasuke: What has he done!!!

9-Tails: i told you to not hurt this boy!

*9-Tails* Head is sticking out of Naruto's lifeless body, Sends out a shock-wave of pure energy.

*Sasuke* Summons the 8-tails fourth to take the brunt of the blast as most of his wounds have finished healing. Then re-merges with the badly hurt 8-tails to regain some chakra.

*9-Tails* Head starts to sink back into Naruto.

9-tails: Foolish boy, you could never do anything without my help.

*9-Tails* Performs a Jutsu of chakra transfer into Naruto and uses a replacement technique to hide Naruto.

9-Tails: Wake up Naruto, Wake up... Minato you were wrong this boy cant do it he doesnt have it...

Naruto: *Smirks* hehe 9-Tails i knew you loved me.

9-Tails: Grrr.. brat i thought you were done for. This is not over until my brother's are released from that Uchiha's hateful grasp.

Naruto: ya im sure thats why you saved me.

9-Tails: dont get smart with me brat your cage no longer binds me.

Naruto: I need to gather sage chakra to finish healing my wounds *Kage Bushin*

*Naruto* Summons 4 shadow clones to begin gathering Nature energy.

Naruto: You are going to have to fight Sasuke while i do this i will have 20 minutes of sage mode once i am finished. And we can end this once and for all.

9-Tails: Your father convinced me to trust him i felt like a fool all those years, but he was right you truly can bring peace to the ninja world. I will do this for you Naruto.

9-Tails: When we are done i will ask something of you, and you will comply.

Naruto: You are my friend now, not my enemy, and not my curse. I will do whatever you ask.

9-Tails: Good because i was promised a fight and i'm gonna get it.

*Naruto* Looks confused but just smiles at his new ally.

*Naruto* Begins gathering natural energy.

*9-Tails* Jumps off toward Sasuke

Sasuke: Cowards, now i can complete sealing the rest of the tailed beasts and once i do no one will stand in my way.

8-Tails: you cannot resurrect the Juubi within yourself it is suicide. You will fail.

*Sasuke* Squeezes the chains which bind the 8-tails.

8-Tails: Arrggghhhh i will kill you for what you have done to me.. and Bee...

*8-Tails thinks to himself* He only has 3 left including the 9-tails, god speed Naruto god speed.

9-tails: Now it is time to die Uchiha Brat.

*9-tails vs sasuke* The fight begins but for some reason Sasuke cannot control the 9-tails. so he has to fight him.

*Sasuke* Transforms into what appears to be a hybrid of 6 of the tailed beasts.

*9-Tails* Begins to charge Sasuke

*Sasuke* Begins to charge the 9-Tails

End Part 1

Next time - 9 Tails Vs 3,4,5,6,7,8 - Tails! - 33? =D

This is my first prediction thread ever. i hope you guys like it. It was fun to write it. i am going to do it in 4 parts. again i hope you guys like it!

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