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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by Ero-Sage View Post
About what I would expect from a group of non-religious heathens. I'd be willing to bet that none of you were brought up with ANY religious background so I don't really expect any of you to have a chance or even be willing to empathize about where I'm coming from. You just come off sounding like a group of vulcans. That is Illogical, your beliefs aren't logical. To all of you my God is some sort of magical being that nobody can prove to exist through logic or first hand evidence. So you conclude that He doesn't exist and that I'm retarded. None of you understand what it means to live by faith. Don't get me wrong though, I'm don't hold it against any of you cause, straight up, you all just CAN"T relate. No religion makes sense when approached from a logical point of view. If you live your life solely by logic then you will be left empty. I was raised in my religion and rebelled against it questioning the very nature of it like a lot of you but things came around full circle and now my faith is resolute. The very open mind you ask of me to accept homosexual acts you yourselves are not willing to offer to me so that leaves us at a stalemate.
I was raised as a catholic and attended a catholic school preschool-7th grade. So good call on that one. And I have no problem with religious people. Believe in whatever stupid fairytales you like. I won't hold it against you.

However, I do have a problem with stupid people. If being gay is against your religion, then cool. Don't be gay. Problem solved.

Belittling people who harm no one in any way whatsoever for no good reason, and by that I mean no logical reason since that is the only universal way of interacting with people in a society, is stupid. It's not like being mean to stupid people, since stupidity and irrationality cause people harm. Some people loving people of the same sex in the same way you and I do it with the opposite sex causes no harm.

Its painfully obvious none of you are capable or even willing to see someone elses point of view as valid for themselves. You all are just here to prove yourselves right at all costs with no regard for others beliefs. You're all arrogant and have no sense of humility. If my opinion can't be respected by you then I'll just keep it to myself from now on. Thank you for the conversation and good day to you all. No need to go to caps and scream burn in hell as you all will eventually if you choose to keep the same path as now. Shit, I might just be there with you seeing as I have my own problems and vices to deal with. Fortunately I have faith and forgiveness on my side. Peace.
I always see someone else's point of view. That's why I'm pretty much always right about everything. I seriously consider all opposing arguments, and even any potential counter-arguments to shit I post. If any of it makes sense, then I don't argue against it.

I did the same thing here. And your argument didn't make any sense, because it's stupid. Your religion is against fags. But your religion isn't the absolute objective moral law, and the stance you're saying it takes cannot be debated in a logical way. So why should people take it seriously? They shouldn't. Because it's stupid.

All you did in this post was further prove this point. You presented no reason why anyone should take what you say seriously; no reason why anyone should respect your opinions. You just called everyone heathens and said they're going to hell. While hypocritically saying they're arrogant and have no sense of humility. No "You guys are right, logically my shit is stupid." No humbleness or sense of humility. Just "LOL Lyke u gaiz are INCAPABLE OF FATHOMING what it is like to blindly believe in something for no rational reason whatsoever! Heathen fag sympathizers! You're going to hell. Hurrr!" masked in a transparent attempt to pretend to have some moral high-ground.

tl;dr=Way to be gay for jesus, stupid christfag.
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