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Re: Official MMA thread.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Uh, yeah, I've seen his last few fights. He got beat up by GSP, got beat up by Alves, and stood and struck with Renzo. None of which is remotely close to LnP. His fight with Serra wasn't LnP either. It was a while ago, but I definitely remember him getting to side control and even taking Serra's back at least once. It's not the easiest thing in the world to pass and mount a successful offense against a legit BJJ blackbelt either...Also, just checked and the fight got FotN.

You don't know what you're talking about.

Again, not standing and striking doesn't = LnP. Doesn't matter if they're high level strikers or not.

And no. No one is going to get into mount and not try to finish the fight from such a dominate position. That's beyond stupid. Not to mention that fact that your whole premise is nothing more than a baseless accusation that you can, in no way whatsoever, back up with evidence.

Once again, you have no clue as to what you're talking about.

And he's one of the only boxers that can. And he's a total faggot. Not really someone I'd use to boast about boxing...

Yes. I wouldn't put any money on him doing very well in his MMA ventures, personally.
I still disagree, but then you wrestle so I get where you come from. I'm more of a fan of strikers so I have a different perspective. Maybe the usage of the term "LnP" is overused now is because of the generation of fighters today come from the wrestling background, focus on submissions and neglect striking. Most fighters think they are strikers already because they knocked someone out, but the technique is awful to watch...almost disrespectful to real strikers like AS, Shogun.

And why not Floyd? He's one of the best athletes on the planet, he may be a pussy but you can't deny his skills. And he's not the only one who can sell fights, fighters with different nationalities also sell big fights for the mere fact that they represent a country.

And I hope Toney knocks Couture out. He's not really going anywhere as you said, he just wants to get paid.
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