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Re: Naruto fan fictional Endings

Part 2: 9-Tails Vs. The Demon Hawk

*Sasuke* Begins to grow larger to meet the size of the 9 tails

*9-Tails* Begins to whip his tails around violently, one strikes sasuke in the chest leaving a gaping wound, he then blasts off several energy blasts toward Sasuke knocking him back a few yards.

*Sasuke* Dodges the energy blasts and Uses his sword to cut 2 of the 9-tails whipping about.

*9-Tails* Suddenly detonates the two tails that have been lopped off.

*Sasuke* Is thrown back again but gains his balance and lands on his feet hunched over, when he raises his head up we see the wounds have healed, he must have blocked the attack.

9-Tails: You are pretty good Uchiha Brat, but your arrogance is no match for centuries of wisdom.

Sasuke: Save your breath you giant flea bag you will be mine soon enough and then the world will tremble at the name Uchiha once again.

*Sasuke* Begins making some hand seals an orb of light encompasses him, He motions his hands out and yells *Play*

*Sasuke* 6 Hawks shoot from Sasuke's chest each with a different number of tails. They begin sending energy blasts at the 9-tails.

*9-Tails* The 9-tails takes out the 3,4, and 5 tailed hawks in short order. He then grabs the 6 tails in his mouth, while the 7 and 8 continue bombarding him from over head.

*9-Tails* Charges energy into the 6-tails hawk and flings it at the 8-tails, the 8-tails dodges and hit hits the 7-tails. When the cloud of smoke is gone both have been disintegrated.

*8-Tails* Stops flying and screams as if it is fighting with itself, it manages to break free from Sasuke's grasp and charge back toward him, Sasuke releases the Hawk before it can reach him.

Sasuke: You will be with them soon enough, trapped like a bird in a cage.

*Scene Switches Temporarily*

We see what appears to be 9 cages that border one another in a circle pattern creating a larger cage in the middle.

*Scene Switches Back*

9-Tails: So thats it... but how did he... Madara.

*9-Tails* Creates energy with his remaining 7-tails and shoots a volley of red lazer like energy toward Sasuke.

*Sasuke* Again dodges the attacks with relative ease and manages to get close enough to strike the 9-tails in the eye with his Chidori Blade.

9-Tails: Grrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa

*9-Tails* As Sasuke flys backwards with momentum the 9-Tails manages to put his claws through his chest in one last sweeping move as he falls to the ground lifeless.

Sasuke: That was dangerous hes almost dead i have to seal him now.

*9-Tails* The body of the 9-tails suddenly disappears in a cloud of smoke

Sasuke: What?!?! Where did he?!?!

*9-Tails* We see the 9-Tails inside Naruto, releasing his clone just as Naruto finishes gathering Nature energy.

9-Tails: I know his plan now Naruto

Naruto: I can't believe Sasuke fell for a shadow clone.

9-Tails: Foolish boy it was no ordinary clone i gave it some of my power, for all intents and purposes it was me... a weaker version of me.

Naruto: Ooooo can you teach me that technique?!?!?!

9-Tails: Ughhh we are in the middle of a battle Naruto!

Naruto: how about after?

9-Tails: The sound of your voice agitates me boy. Ok after the battle, if you survive.

Naruto: So what is Sasuke doing?

9-Tails: He has designed a seal probably with the help of Madara which seals all of the Tailed Beasts within a single host, then focuses the energy to create a temporary awakening.

Naruto: An awakening of what?

9-Tails: You are really this dense aren't you? I thought some of it was an act, but you a really are this dense!

Naruto: Ooo is that a new technique...

*9-Tails* Looks very agitated.

9-Tails: Never mind, he will create a temporary awakening of the 10 tailed beast. It was a seal Madara was working on but it was believed to be impossible to complete. It appears that this boy has finished the seal.

Naruto: What happens when he awakens the 10-Tails

9-Tails: Basically it is a way to access all of the power of the 10-tailed beast without the 10-Tails taking over. This gives him access to his special eye techniques even the Rinnegan without the setbacks that you mortals have to deal with. Sasuke would be an unstoppable immortal.

9-Tails: It is up to us Naruto to stop him or all will be lost. Enough talks lets go boy before it's too late.

*Naruto* Has a serious look on his face, he knows its time to kill Sasuke.

Naruto: Understood, lets move.

*Naruto* Races off to fight Sasuke, while his shadow clones remain behind.


Next Time:
Naruto Vs. Sasuke
Demon Hawk Vs. 9-Tailed Sage

Well this is part 2 i hope you guys enjoy this one too. I will try to have the last two parts by the end of the week. Enjoy =D

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