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Re: Official MMA thread.

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
And that's what it boils down to, really. You're not a fan of the ground game. I can understand that. Bashing MMA because of your preference isn't as understandable, to put it nicely.

Logically, it's simply more intelligent to take fights to the ground. Standing, your opponent always has a puncher's chance. He is always in a position where he can fight back. It's a lot harder to knock someone out from on your back though, and nearly impossible to mount a successful offense if he's gotten side control or greater, in regards to dominate positioning. As a fighter, controlling positioning is probably the safest and smartest way to win fights, plain and simple. It's only logical that people would fight like that. (Not that everyone does. Lots of extremely successful fighters, like AS, BJ Penn, etc. don't follow that mindset.)

And of course you're not going to see as technical of striking in MMA. Strikers have to worry about being taken down, after all. Tons of shit you see in boxing just plain wouldn't be as safe to use in MMA, because you always have to worry about the shot.

So? He's still a massive pussy, a racist, and an idiot. He talks shit on MMA and it's fighters, yet would get destroyed in an MMA fight. Besides, what's it matter if someone has talent if he ducks fights. And selling fights 'because they're from some country' isn't anything to brag about either. Since it says nothing of their ability or nothing positive about boxing itself.

Anything is possible. I personally wouldn't put money on it happening though.
Good post. I think I just have to agree to disagree.

I think the round system in the ufc is kind of meh. I prefer prides 10 minute 1st round and the refs willingness to stand up the fighters when there is "inactivity". In the ufc the refs take too long and when they finally stand them up there is like 30 seconds left of the round.

By the way, same can be said if you put AS in the ring with a B class boxer. He will get murked.

It's a positive having an international flavor especially in boxing. The talent pool is wider and so is the support. In MMA it's pretty much US, Brazil, Japan and most of Europe. The fighter of the decade is Pac, from a third-world country. So saying it doesn't equate to his ability is invalid. Duran, Azumah Nelson, Kostya Tzyu etc. are also some of the few.
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