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Re: Official MMA thread.

Originally Posted by sasorry View Post
So tell me a fighter who has better striking than AS? Striker doesn't mean boxer per se. He can kick, knee, elbow you that's what a striker is to me. AS has muay thai and boxing background.

Again, name me a fighter today that has as good striking as AS or better. Only one I can think of really is Shogun and for me it's not really close.

BJ Penn is a very good striker, specifically his boxing. He rarely uses his kicks but still very effective at using it. The one who said BJ would transition well to boxing was Freddy Roach, Pac's trainer.

And please!!! Boxing is dead??? Do you really want me to post PPV sales of the past megafights? Please don't embarass yourself. And also the PPV sales for UFC has been in a steady decline, the best was 100 and after that it all goes down from there.

I respect your opinion though.
I could name a few, Machida, Penn, Jones, Alves, Aldo, Shogun, Barry (even though he lost and hesitates to finish), Hominick and Cung Le.

I didn't say boxing is dead I said "Boxing is dying" and it is true, aside from the fighters mentioned there isn't that much hype into anything else. After all boxing is already internationally known. UFC is not on a decline, its slowly trying to get accepted in various countries, and in mine the whole MMA sport just started like 2 years ago and now people are slowly getting into it. For a promotion that has started in '93 UFC is doing reaaallly well right now. Boxing on the other hand has been around how much? 70 years?

Also Lidell vs Franklin was one of the fastest sold out events for the UFC this year.

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