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Re: How are Karin and Kushina related?

Originally Posted by batonnoir View Post
Yes it's a theory, but in light of recent revelations, I think it's practically a given.
You and HR have a fetish for coming up with fucktard theories with nothing to back them up, don't you?

The red hair...the gentile one moment, kicking your butt the next personality...
When did Karin do anything beyond get her ass handed to her and attempt to make herself useful to sasuke by being a sensor? The only times Karin went out of her timid personality were in her thoughts about practically raping Sasuke or if she felt someone else was threatening her desire to rape sasuke.

the cliff-hanger comment about sensing another chakra that she recognized...
That chakra she sensed was the fox, genius, NOT Kushina's. The familiarity of the darkness was a hint towards Sasuke's fall to darkness.

IMO it's obvious that they're related
It's not obvious and you're logic of getting to that conclusion doesn't exist. They aren't related in any form.

Quote: only question now is, is there a connection between Karin's red eyes and Kurenai's...
Kishi decided to be odd with eye colors? There doesn't have to be a connection between eye colors. Most of my family has brown eyes and I have gray eyes (no, I'm not adopted, I look too much like my dad)

Is there a connection between all their names beginning with
Again, there is no connection.
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