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Re: Official MMA thread.

Originally Posted by sasorry View Post
So you're just gonna assume 100% of people watching fights are watching it because of how skillful they are? There will always be bias, white people will tend to like the white fighters more and so are other fighters from other countries. You said a fighter's nationality is no big deal, guess what it does. Americans tend to be stronger and more adept at wrestling, but can't kick for the most part. Brazilians and Japanese are more skillfull with submissions and all kinds of striking.

And yes I am biased from the start
Not an assumption just something that is normal for this sport. Why everyone cheers for Fedor instead of Rogers in their bout? Because Fedor is a beast he has proven himself he is the more skilled fighter over Rogers. Also:

Brazil: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Japan: Jiu Jitsu
US: Wrestling

These are the disciplines that a fighter for that country will most likely train, before it was hard to train these outside of their country but now with the popularity UFC has gained there are a ton of fight camps that teach a lot of techniques from these disciplines.

And that is just from ground game but that was the old days. The old days (Pride and early UFC) you had Fighters that had that one discipline only (Royce) and would go and dominate with it. Nowadays the game has changed you got a guy like GSP with Karate, Wrestling and BJJ dominating his division and if he fights a one dimensional guy chances are GSP will win it, case in point Melendez vs Aoki fight, also Hughes vs Gracie too.

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