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Re: How are Karin and Kushina related?

Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
Because Kushina's chakra is clearly "Dark".

There's virtually no physical feature resemblance, even their hair colors aren't the same. The "hot-cold" part of their personalities is the only similar aspect, they act totally differently in the different phases.

Basically, there's almost no similarity between them as characters. Karin's not even from an area that could potentially be NEAR the Whirlpool Country; she's from the Grass Village, which is LANDLOCKED.
Kushini has red hair...Karin has red hair

Kushina's hair is straight when calm wild when not calm...Karin's hair is straight on one side and wild on the other.

The shape of the face, eyes, and the noses are identical in most drawings. The mouths are always different because Karin has never had a peaceful smile on her face...she's always mad or tense.

I get what you're saying about the "dark", but Naruto has a veritable who's who of chakra floating around inside of him (including the foxes, which should overshadow all the others), so I'm going to hold my ground on this one.

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