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Re: How are Karin and Kushina related?

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Sori bato, but Kus and Karin arent related at all. They are just sensor type ninja thats all
Didn't know Kushina was a sensor type..thanks for playing anway.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
You and HR have a fetish for coming up with fucktard theories with nothing to back them up, don't you?
let's come back to this comment later shall we?

When did Karin do anything beyond get her ass handed to her and attempt to make herself useful to sasuke by being a sensor? The only times Karin went out of her timid personality were in her thoughts about practically raping Sasuke or if she felt someone else was threatening her desire to rape sasuke.
Are you trying to prove my points or argue them??? I said per-son-al-li-teee!
I don't know about you...but I haven't seen Kushina fight. She just said that the beat the crap out of her fellow associates that make her angry...just like Karin does

That chakra she sensed was the fox, genius, NOT Kushina's. The familiarity of the darkness was a hint towards Sasuke's fall to darkness.
That is a logical assumption, but an assumption none the less. That means it's also a fucktard theory. You picked up the popular conclusion...I came up with my own...nuff said.

It's not obvious and you're logic of getting to that conclusion doesn't exist. They aren't related in any form.
Seems obvious to me...maybe I'm just smarter than you

Kishi decided to be odd with eye colors? There doesn't have to be a connection between eye colors. Most of my family has brown eyes and I have gray eyes (no, I'm not adopted, I look too much like my dad)
Most of the characters in the Manga have normal eye colors...any sober non allergic people in your family have red eyes.? lol

Anyway, the first set of red eyes in the Manga were the sharingan, the next set belonged to a gen-jutsu master, the final set belongs to someone who has only shown abilities that have nothing to do with being able to control a hideout full of captive ninjas...meaning she may have as yet unseen abilities....that's all

Originally Posted by MajorStranger View Post
I think she was most likely referring to the Hachibi's chakra. She felt two type of chakra in Naruto as she most likely sense in KB when they fought. Even if the Hachibi seemed tamed and kindly he is still a demon and his power come from the darkness.

Here's a new question for you. Is Tsunade and the Mizukage related? They are both big breasted woman and are both leader of their village. That should be enough for Batonnoir to create a new stupid thread.
Actually by definition...they are related by big boobs. Stop asking silly questions. lol

Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
Wait, back up.

You're basing their "possible" relation on the color of their hair?

So I guess that means that everyone in Naruto with same-colored hair are like, cousins or something. Holy shit, you've just cracked the code on Konoha's genealogy.

...I really want to know where you guys come up with this stuff sometimes.
Ummm, you do realize that the only two blonde haired males in the manga are related...and I understand that the one female blonde is related too...that's just what I heard anyway.

edit: ^@Major...I think I'd have to see a dna test on the Kazekage's kids. lol

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