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Re: How are Karin and Kushina related?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Do we have to keep doing this?

Discussion that you wouldn't listen to anyone that proved you wrong, claiming that we weren't smart enough to follow your logic.

He called Jiraya "Ero-Senin". He called Hinata weird because of her behavior around him. He calls Lee "Fuzzy Brows". It's a nickname because of his blunt personality. That's all.

But not old enough to be HIS grandma. FFS I already gave you a timeline that led to the conclusion she was around 13 when Minato was born.

Ever stop to think that the silence was because she lost Dan before they had a chance to start a family?

Because he's a brand of the manga and the main character. That's a no-brainer

The Senju were brought up to explain the origins of the "Will of Fire" philosophy. Naruto has been told he's the embodiment of that philosophy

He was shown to have the seal used by the sage to seal the 10 tails in his body. Also, it wasn't complete.

The Senju helped found Konoha. The first used his unique Moton jutsu to create the village itself. He and his brother were the first leaders of Konoha, and to memorialize them they made the Mt Rushmore of Konoha.

Because it's called "Kage Mountain" and he was Hokage.

Again, she's Hokage and it's Kage Mountain

Again, the Senju helped found Konoha and the first 2 leaders were Senju so it's a memorial of sorts.

No shit, we know Tsunade is Senju because she's been stated to be the 1st's granddaughter and the 2nd's grandniece.

Read above, Tsunade is the only confirmed Senju. And we've already been over that it's physically impossible for her to be related to Naruto (too young to be Minato/Kushina's mother, and Kushina's from a different village)

Not all of the Senju had the power of the younger son. They're a clan in that they followed his "Will of Fire" philosophy.

This has never been stated. And if you go with the seal, again it was the seal used by the sage to contain the 10 tails within him.

The evidence you try to use is circumstantial at best, and interpretive.

No one proved me wrong because the converse of my theory hasn't been made manga fact

the timeline you gave is just one of many, there is too much left to chance so until the missing pieces are given the possibility still remains and yea Naruto has a habit of giving people nick names

true it could have been a thought about Dan and not having a family with him.. but hey we don't know if she moved on had another lover or what .. there is too much that hasn't been revealed .. so yet again the possibility remains

We didn't need the Senju to explain the will of fire.. Sarutobi had already established it as love and protection of the village Asuma further explained it as the future generations and countless others as leaving the future to the next generation.HTe Senju were added to show this rivalry between two great famillies and how Naruto and sasuke's battle will be a deciding factor for this eon's long feud

Yes we know the first and second are on the mountain with Tsunade.. but my point is why go thru the trouble of placing Minato and Sarutobi in that group by showing the picture when it would have been less space and more specific to just say first and second Hokage

yes Tsunade has been confirmed Senju.. it is unknown whether or not Sarutobi and Minato are Senju or not or have any relation to them thru blood or marriage hell for all we know Sarutobi could have married the second hokage's daughter

the seal was shown true enough .. but why the sage body aura.. him looking that way has some significance other than it being part of the seal you and a lot of other people believe that it was just the seal being completed or whatever.. I saw it differently .. once the fox's power came inside of him he gained the sage's body and after that he locked the fox back up using the seal.. when we were shown him unlocking the seal it was just the key .. and when he locked the fox back up it was showing the key and the seal

No one said all the Senju had the power of the younger son.. but to be a Senju all you need to be is a descendant of the younger son .. and we know he had the sage's body.. Naruto has the sage's body.. this to me equals SENJU.. I know you think other wise but this is what leads me to lean toward him being Senju

and another note.. you and many other seem to think that senju equates to will of fire philosophy.. yea that's a part of it .. but to me it means an actual family will of fire to me is just a family motto
for those of you who don't understand.. I'm coming from an illogical perspective so your logic won't fit my argument .. it'll only give you a headache.. remember ..belief doesn't require a co-signer There Is A Fine Line Between Genius And Insanity , I Have Erased This Line ! If I were you I'd hate me too.. I am the HUMAN RASENGAN!!!

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