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Re: Hello

Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
No, the only reason there's so many perm bans is because we've been having some issues lately with bots. If you get banned here, you get three "warning" bans and a grace period before we perm ban you. And we're honestly pretty lenient with the bans unless you do some really retarded shit. You seem pretty down to earth, though, so I don't think that'll be a problem for you.

As for flaming... it happens. A lot.

Oh okay thanks. I was worried there when I saw the forum for infractions and bans...Yeah you won't have any problems with me, since im pretty calm all the time hehe, and if I argue it won't be anything like negative.

Stupid question but how do i thank people?

Yeah I know flaming happens alot. From a few sites I go to alot of flaming goes on. What I dislike the most are trolls. They are the worse.

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