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Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
THIS SHIT IS STUPID!!!!How in the hell does a kid get his body crushed by rocks and then is somehow magically heeled with one eye and can walk through walls...

Fact: Obito was shown dying if he could have been saved the 4th would have found a way.
Fact: Obito was a fodder uchiha with big dreams not a man who could battle with the 4th hokage.
Fact: What kind of timeline are you on? Clearly the man in the last chapter was at the very least of the 4th's age if you’re looking at forearms that is (which I doubt but for the sake of not repeating this bullshit I through this in there).
Fact: Obito was not that kind of shinobi. Basically your saying the same guy who gave an eye away to someone he envied now is bitter and wants to take over the village...

I don't get how you even keep this as a possibility...
It's a fucking haircut thing. Thats all it is.

Too much speculation and theories pop up on this forum because thats the number one reason.

Madara and Danzou had a similar haircut. People thought they were the same. Not to mention that their sharingan was in the same exact spot.

What happened to Madara at the valley. I'm still going with KYFs old theory of Madara using Izanami. That makes a lot of sense..
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